The Impact Academy

Ronald De Keersmaeker is an international public speaker based in Belgium, expert in business strategy, and founder of The Impact Academy. Ronald launched The Impact Academy to help people improve their negotiation, selling and public speaking skills.

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Our Goal

To design a website for Ronald and The Impact Academy, that allows him to showcase his services, position himself as an expert and trustworthy authority in front of his target audience.

Project Duties

As an online authority and public figure, Ronald had certain requirements that were very specific, including:

  • Build a simple clean website to represent his business
  • Showcase his Public Speaking, Negotiation and Selling courses
  • Increase lead generation by allowing people to easily get in touch with him
  • Build a system that promotes a specific marketing offer, often referred as lead magnet and integrate with their email marketing platform
  • Provide a blog to help the business educate their clients about their services

The Results

Working with Ronald’s specifications, we designed and developed a bespoke website, highly optimised for performance and search engines, allowing him to showcase his courses, educate people through his blog, and generate more leads by offering a valuable piece of content, often referred as Lead Magnet, which integrates with an email marketing system.

The website was built in WordPress, allowing Ronald to easily manage his website, and also keep track of all website visitor stats through an integration with Google Analytics, and was submitted to Google for a faster indexing.

Responsive Web Design

Recent studies show that Mobile traffic is responsible for more than 50% percent of internet traffic, and considering Google is now indexing and ranking websites based on their mobile version, now it’s more important than ever to have a responsive website. The Impact Academy website is therefore responsive with any device including desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones.

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Disclaimer: Once the website is completed and launched, the client takes ownership of it, which means there might be changes in design, layout and performance which do not reflect our work.