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Women’s Lifestyle Collective

Women’s Lifestyle Collective partnered with us to create a visually appealing and user-friendly WordPress website that effectively communicates Victoria's mission and offerings. Through collaborative design and development efforts, we delivered a platform that resonates with Victoria's target demographic and facilitates access to her coaching services and courses. With comprehensive website training provided, Victoria is empowered to independently manage her online platform and continue her mission of empowering women to lead healthier and happier lives.



Victoria, the founder of Women’s Lifestyle Collective, is dedicated to helping women aged 40 and beyond enhance their lifestyles through holistic approaches to health and wellness. Recognizing the need for a strong online presence to reach her target audience and offer her coaching services and courses, Victoria enlisted our expertise to create a website that effectively communicates her mission and offerings.

Website Design

Working in close collaboration with Victoria, we initiated the project by designing a WordPress website that embodies the spirit of the Women’s Lifestyle Collective. Our team focused on creating a visually appealing and intuitive design that mirrors Victoria's brand identity and appeals to her intended audience.

Website Development

Following the design phase, we developed the website with a keen emphasis on functionality and user experience. To complement Victoria's coaching services, we integrated MemberPress, enabling efficient access to her courses and ensuring a smooth and cohesive experience for all members.

Website Training

Upon the completion of the website, we provided Victoria with comprehensive training to ensure she could effectively manage her online platform and courses independently. This included guidance on utilizing MemberPress, updating content, and managing course materials. Empowering Victoria with the skills to maintain her website and courses ensures long-term success and flexibility in adapting to the evolving needs of her audience.


The launch of the Women’s Lifestyle Collective website marks a significant milestone in Victoria's mission to empower women to lead fulfilling and healthy lives. With a professionally designed and functional website in place, Victoria can effectively communicate her offerings and connect with her target audience. The implementation of MemberPress enables seamless access to her courses, enhancing the overall user experience. Through website training, Victoria is equipped to independently manage her online platform and continue making a positive impact on women's lives.

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