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Sharon Strahan

Sharon Strahan, a functional medicine nutritionist focusing on women over 40, sought our expertise to create her business website. Through collaborative design and development, we crafted a visually appealing WordPress platform to showcase her services. Following the launch, we provided Sharon with training to independently manage her site, empowering her to reach her target audience effectively.



Sharon Strahan, a nutritionist specializing in functional medicine for women over 40, embarked on a journey to establish her business and reach her target audience. Recognizing the pivotal role of a professional website in showcasing her services, Sharon sought our assistance in creating a platform that effectively communicates her expertise and offerings.

Website Design

In collaboration with Sharon, we embarked on a meticulous design journey for her WordPress website, focusing initially on understanding her business aims and the vision she held for her digital footprint. This deep dive into her professional ethos allowed us to create a website that not only looks visually striking but is also easy to navigate, effectively mirroring Sharon's expertise in functional medicine and her commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of women over 40.

Website Development

Building on the insights gained during the design phase, we proceeded to develop a site that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. Our development efforts were aimed at producing a platform that not only reflects Sharon's professional identity but also serves as an accessible, informative resource for her target audience, thus supporting her mission to foster both physical and mental health improvements.

Website Training

Upon the completion of the website, we provided Sharon with comprehensive training to ensure she could confidently manage and update her online platform independently. This included guidance on content management, website maintenance, and leveraging WordPress functionalities to maximize the website's effectiveness in reaching her target audience. Empowering Sharon with the skills to navigate her website ensures long-term success and flexibility in adapting to the evolving needs of her business.


The launch of Sharon Strahan Nutrition website marks a significant milestone in Sharon's journey to establish her business and make a positive impact on women's health. With a professionally designed and functional website in place, Sharon can effectively showcase her expertise and attract clients seeking functional medicine solutions tailored to their needs. The website training provided ensures that Sharon is equipped to manage her online platform independently and continue her mission of improving the health and well-being of women over 40.

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