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Mixed Vision Media

Mixed Vision Media partnered with us to refresh and redesign her website, aiming to better reflect the professionalism and quality of her media services. With a focus on design aesthetics and user experience, the WordPress-based website effectively communicates Felicity's offerings to potential clients. Ongoing website maintenance and training provided by our team empower Felicity to manage her online presence independently and drive business growth.



Felicity, the proprietor of Mixed Vision Media, sought to revamp her existing website to better align with the modern and professional image she wished to convey for her media services. Collaborating with our team, Felicity embarked on a journey to refresh her online presence and enhance the representation of her high-quality services.

Website Design

In collaboration with Felicity, our project initiated with a focus on reinventing Mixed Vision Media's online presence. Our objective was to sculpt a website that resonates with the high standards of professionalism and quality that Mixed Vision Media embodies. The redesign prioritised a superior user experience coupled with a strong visual aesthetic, aiming to captivate and engage visitors from the first click.

Website Development

Choosing WordPress as our foundation, we constructed a platform that marries functionality with beauty. The website was engineered to be not just visually striking but also user-friendly, facilitating effortless exploration of Felicity's diverse array of services. This approach ensures that users can navigate the site with ease, discovering the full extent of what Mixed Vision Media has to offer.

Website Maintenance and Training

Following the successful launch of the redesigned website, Felicity chose to continue her partnership with us for ongoing website maintenance. This ensures that her online platform remains secure, up-to-date, and optimized for performance. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training to Felicity, empowering her to manage and update the website independently. This included guidance on content management and other essential tasks to enhance the website's effectiveness.


The redesign of the Mixed Vision Media website marks a significant enhancement in Felicity's online presence and brand representation. With a modern and professional website in place, she is better positioned to attract clients and showcase the quality of her media services. Ongoing website maintenance and training provided by our team ensure that Felicity can confidently manage her online presence and continue to grow her business.

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