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Alan West

Alan West partnered with us to create a bespoke WordPress website to share his teachings as a Shamanic practitioner and Spiritual Teacher. Through collaborative design and development efforts, we delivered a visually captivating platform that accurately represents Alan's expertise and spiritual journey. With comprehensive website training provided, Alan is empowered to manage his online presence independently and continue his mission of personal development and spiritual enlightenment.



Alan West, a respected Shamanic practitioner, Personal Development, and Spiritual Teacher, recognized the importance of establishing an online presence to expand the reach of his practice. With a wealth of knowledge and services to offer, Alan sought our expertise to create a bespoke website that would serve as a platform to share his teachings and connect with a broader audience.

Website Design

In partnership with Alan, our design efforts were focused on creating a WordPress website that truly embodies his unique teachings and spiritual journey. Our team dedicated itself to understanding Alan's philosophy and translating that into a visually stunning online presence. The aim was to not only capture the essence of his practice but also to design a platform that is both inviting and reflective of his expertise. Through meticulous planning and creative execution, we endeavoured to craft a website that effectively communicates Alan's services to his audience.

Website Development

Following the design phase, our development process involved bringing the vision for Alan's website to life. We concentrated on ensuring the site provided a smooth and intuitive user experience, allowing visitors to easily explore Alan's offerings and insights. Our development efforts were aimed at creating a website that not only looks beautiful but also functions seamlessly across all devices, facilitating a deeper engagement with Alan's teachings. Through strategic implementation and testing, we crafted a website that stands as a true testament to Alan's spiritual journey and professional expertise.

Website Training

Upon the completion of the website, we provided Alan with comprehensive training to empower him to manage and update his online platform independently. This included guidance on content management, website maintenance, and utilizing WordPress functionalities to enhance the website's effectiveness. By equipping Alan with the necessary skills, he can confidently share his teachings and engage with his audience through his website.


The launch of Alan West's website represents a significant milestone in his mission to share his knowledge and teachings with a wider audience. With a professionally designed and functional website in place, Alan can effectively showcase his expertise and connect with individuals seeking personal development and spiritual guidance. The website training provided ensures that Alan can continue to manage his online platform with ease and further his impact in the realm of Shamanic practice and spiritual teaching.

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