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Brilliant Photography

Brilliant Photography, our sister business founded by Martha and Alex, partnered with us to create a visually stunning WordPress website to showcase their photography services. With a focus on design, functionality, and SEO optimization, the website effectively represents their brand and attracts potential clients. Ongoing website maintenance and training provided by our team ensure that Martha and Alex can successfully manage their online presence and drive business growth.



Martha and Alex, the founders of Brilliant Photography, embarked on their journey to establish a family-run photography studio in Peterborough. Specializing in professional headshots and brand photography, they recognized the importance of a strong online presence to attract clients and showcase their portfolio. As their sister business, we collaborated closely with Martha and Alex to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that effectively represents their brand and services.

Website Design

Collaborating intimately with Martha and Alex, our endeavour was to create a website for Brilliant Photography that mirrors its elegance and professional ethos. The design phase was focused on achieving a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, prioritising the display of their extensive photography portfolio and detailing their services. This approach aimed to captivate visitors instantly, drawing them into the visual storytelling that Brilliant Photography excels at.

Website Development

Opting for WordPress for its development phase, we tailored a platform that is both user-friendly and capable of showcasing Brilliant Photography's work in the best light. A significant aspect of the development was the creation of service pages that have been SEO optimised. These pages are crafted to enhance the site's online presence, targeting individuals actively seeking photography services in Peterborough. The result is a website that not only beautifully presents their work but also stands out in search engine results, effectively drawing in potential clients.

Website Maintenance and Training

Following the successful launch of the website, Martha and Alex entrusted us with ongoing website maintenance to ensure their online platform remains secure and up-to-date. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training to Martha and Alex, equipping them with the skills to manage and update the website independently. This included guidance on content management and other essential tasks to maximize the website's effectiveness in attracting and engaging clients.


The launch of the Brilliant Photography website represents a significant milestone in Martha and Alex's journey to establish their photography studio. With a professionally designed website and optimized service pages, they are well-positioned to attract clients and grow their business. Ongoing website maintenance and training provided by our team ensure that Martha and Alex can confidently manage their online presence and continue to showcase their photography expertise.

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