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Prime Detailing

Prime Detailing partnered with us to design and build a WordPress website to showcase their mobile detailing services. Through collaborative efforts, we delivered a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that accurately represents Prime Detailing's brand. With comprehensive website training provided, Prime Detailing is equipped to independently manage their online presence and drive business growth effectively.



Prime Detailing, a provider of mobile detailing services across the Cambridgeshire region, recognized the importance of establishing an online presence to reach potential customers. As a new business, they sought our assistance in designing and building a website to showcase their services and attract clients.

Website Design

Our partnership with Prime Detailing initiated with a focused design phase, where we aimed to create a WordPress website that would serve their distinct needs and objectives. This involved designing a site that was not only visually attractive but also user-friendly, ensuring that visitors could easily discover and understand the mobile detailing services offered by Prime Detailing. The design process was dedicated to capturing the essence of their brand and showcasing their services in the most effective way possible.

Website Development

Following the design phase, we moved on to the development of the website, prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics. Our goal was to construct a site that not only looked good but performed excellently, facilitating an optimal user experience. This included implementing features that accurately represent Prime Detailing’s brand identity and service offerings, ensuring the website serves as a powerful tool for their business.

Website Trainin

Following the completion of the website, we provided Prime Detailing with comprehensive training to empower them to manage and update their online platform independently. This included guidance on content management, website maintenance, and utilizing WordPress functionalities. By equipping Prime Detailing with the necessary skills, they can effectively maintain their website and adapt to the evolving needs of their business.


The launch of the Prime Detailing website marks a significant milestone in their journey to establish a strong online presence and attract customers across the Cambridgeshire region. With a professionally designed and functional website in place, Prime Detailing can effectively showcase their services and differentiate themselves in the market. The website training provided ensures that Prime Detailing can confidently manage their online platform and continue to grow their business.

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