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Yates Mechanical Engineering

Yates Mechanical Engineering partnered with us to create a simple and scalable WordPress website that effectively represents Andy's services. With a focus on simplicity and future expansion, the website provides a solid foundation for Andy's business growth. Ongoing website maintenance and training empower Andy to manage his online presence independently and focus on the success of his business.



Andy, the founder of Yates Mechanical Engineering, embarked on a journey to establish his new business. Recognizing the importance of an online presence, he sought assistance in creating a website that would effectively represent his services. Collaborating with our team, Andy aimed to develop a simple yet scalable website that could grow alongside his business.

Website Design

In partnership with Andy, we initiated our project with a clear vision to create a minimalist yet effective online presence for Yates Mechanical Engineering. Our design philosophy centered around simplicity and user engagement, aiming to highlight the company's services and technical prowess in a straightforward manner. The website's layout was meticulously planned to ensure visitors could easily access the information they need, reflecting Andy's request for an intuitive user experience.

Website Development

Utilising WordPress, we built a website that not only meets Andy's current needs but is also prepared for future growth. The platform's flexibility allows for easy updates and additions, ensuring Yates Mechanical Engineering can evolve its online presence in tandem with the business. This foresight in development guarantees the website can seamlessly incorporate new services, projects, or functionalities as required, offering a sustainable digital solution for Andy's enterprise.

Website Maintenance and Training

Following the launch of the website, Andy relied on our team for ongoing website maintenance to keep his online platform secure and up-to-date. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training to Andy, equipping him with the skills to manage and edit the website independently. This included guidance on content updates, ensuring that Andy can make changes to the website as needed without requiring external assistance.


The launch of the Yates Mechanical Engineering website represents a significant milestone in Andy's entrepreneurial journey. With a simple yet effective online platform in place, he is well-positioned to showcase his services and attract clients. Ongoing website maintenance and training provided by our team ensure that Andy can confidently manage his online presence and adapt to the evolving needs of his business.

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