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Greystone Guesthouse

Greystone Guesthouse partnered with us to bring their dream of launching a family-run guesthouse to life. With a meticulously designed website, ongoing maintenance, and tailored training, they now offer effortless stays while preserving their commitment to family values.



Greystone Guesthouse, a family-run business nestled in the main house of Greystone Cottage, embarked on the realisation of their dream to launch a guesthouse. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a growing family, the owners saw this venture as an ideal opportunity to merge their passion for hospitality with their commitment to family life.

Website Design

Collaborating closely with the owners, we designed a website that captures the essence of Greystone Guesthouse's warm hospitality and attention to detail. Each element of the design reflects the character and charm of the guesthouse, inviting visitors to experience the comfort and tranquility it offers.

Building the Website in WordPress

Utilising WordPress as our platform, we transformed the vision of Greystone Guesthouse into a fully functional and user-friendly website. Our development team ensured seamless navigation and optimized performance to enhance the user experience, allowing guests to explore the guesthouse's offerings effortlessly.

Website Maintenance

Following the website's launch, Greystone Guesthouse opted for our maintenance package, entrusting us with the ongoing upkeep of their online presence. Our dedicated team ensures that the website remains secure, up-to-date, and optimised for performance, allowing the owners to focus on providing exceptional service to their guests.

Website Training

In addition to building and maintaining the website, we provided the owners with personalised training sessions. This equipped them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and update their website independently, empowering them to showcase the guesthouse's offerings effectively.


With their new website launched and supported by our maintenance services, Greystone Guesthouse can seamlessly welcome guests into their warm and inviting retreat. Our collaboration reflects our commitment to helping family-run businesses like Greystone Guesthouse thrive in the digital landscape while maintaining their focus on providing exceptional hospitality and preserving cherished family values.

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