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CIMTrek is an international software company based in the UK, providing tools that help user organisations understand the magnitude of the migration journey to the cloud, and to automate that migration as much as possible.

Project Duties

  • Website Optimisation
  • SEO Consultation

Project Brief

Alex Calinov was approached by CIMtrek to find out about different SEO opportunities for their business and how can they rank higher in Search Engines (Google) to increase their exposure to more potential customers.
At the end of a brief SEO consultation,  we’ve decided that it’s best to look first at optimising CIMtrek website, considering speed & overall performance it’s an important factor for ranking in Search Engines (Google), but also to provide a better, smoother user experience for their website visitors.

Website Design

The first step before driving any type of traffic to a website, paid or organic, is making sure that the website is highly optimised and performing at it’s best.

CIMtrek’s website, initially didn’t look great, scoring very low in different website speed and performance tests like GT Metrix, Pingdom PageSpeed and Google PageSpeed Insights, with loading times of over 20 seconds. This is a very big problem, as normally visitors tend to drop out if a website loading speed is too slow. Check before pictures below.

After various website optimisation improvements, the CIMtrek website was good as new, achieving scores of over 90% in various speed & performance test and a loading speed of only 3.5 seconds.