Top Tips For Choosing A Great Web Designer in Peterborough

Whether you are a brand new business looking for a website, or you are an existing business looking to upgrade and update your website, you need to make sure you choose a great web designer in Peterborough. The right website designer can put your business on the map and bring you the online awareness your business needs to succeed.But what is it that makes a great web designer in Peterborough?In this blog post we have put together some top tips for helping you find the right web design agency for your business, online goals and website dreams.


When it comes to your website you need to have a budget in mind. Think about how much you want to invest in your website and what you want from your website. Larger websites with exciting applications will cost more than a simple small brochure design website. Some web designers will charge by the website project, while others will charge by the hour.The outlay for a new website can feel like a large amount, especially if you a start-up business. Talk to a web designer about how you can pay for it. You may need to pay half upfront and half on completion. However, a great web design company may be able to offer a pay monthly website package to make a new website more affordable.

Website Support

If you are busy running your own business you won’t have time to upload new pictures to the gallery or new blog posts to boost your SEO. A great website designer will be able to offer you ongoing website maintenance and support. This means that they can look after your website and take care off all the updates for you.This could be uploading photos of your new products or a service you have just completed. They could add new testimonials and reviews to your website to show your potential customers what other people think of you. Your web designer could also add new pages to your website as you offer new services, or upload new blogs to help with your SEO. All these little changes that would take you away from your business, your web designer could do quickly for you.

Web Design Portfolio

Any great web design company in Peterborough will have a portfolio of their work. Take a look at their portfolio and see if you recognise any of the businesses they have made websites for. Have they created websites for businesses in the same industry as you? This would mean they know what your website needs and they could assist with your website planning process.But, make sure you look at all the websites in their portfolio, not just the ones that are in the same industry. Check out the functionalities within the websites and how they work. Could these functionalities work for your website? View the websites as the target audience of the business – does the website engage with you and make you want to use the company? If so, then this could be the perfect web designer for you.

Client Testimonials

Take the time to read the testimonials on the web designers own website, but read them with a pinch of salt. A web designer will only put the good testimonials on their website, just as you would for your business.  However, you can still give these businesses a call. Ask them how long the website took to make, if there were any issues and how these were dealt with.Then take a look online and see what other people are saying about them. Take the time to search for their reviews on Google and social media platforms too. This is where you will see what ‘real people’ think of the web designer and the website that was created for them.

Industry Awards or Memberships

A great web design agency in Peterborough will have been recognised for the great work they do. Take a look at their website to see if they have won any industry awards or are part of any memberships or organisations. The more the business community know about them, the more likely it is that you can trust them.For example, here at Brilliant Digital we are members of BNI Quantum. This isn’t just a networking group you can join. You have to be checked for the level of service you offer to ensure you are a business that they are proud to have within their organisation. Recently we were also awarded a TopThree rated award. We have been given a certificate of excellence as a Top Three Rated Web Designer in Peterborough.

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These are just some of the things you should look for before hiring a web design agency near you. However, it really comes down to the person. You need to get on with the person that is building your website and you want to trust them with this important part of your business.We would always recommend that any clients considering working with us; give us a call. We can arrange a Zoom call to talk about your project, show you examples of the work we have done in the past and give you a free, no obligation quote.

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