Why Your Start-Up Needs A Website

For many start-up businesses it is all about getting in front as many potential customers as possible. However, with all the hours in the day, you still can’t get your service or product in front of everyone that may be interested in purchasing from you.

Getting customers to engage with your business and offerings is vital for a start-up business and a website is a great tool to have when trying to get your business out there. In many situations, a website is the most important lead nurturing tool in your business, especially in the early days.

Start Your Client Base

As a new business you haven’t had chance to build up a reliable customer base or that word of mouth referral which is essential to the growth of so many businesses. When you go networking and meet potential customers they will be wary of you as a new business. If you have a website they can see and learn more about you from, this will help create trust and bridge that gap.

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When your target audience are using search engines for the service of product they need, you need to be there. If you don’t have a website this target audience are not going to find you. You may have an office or a shop with a good high street presence, but at midnight when your target audience are searching for products you offer, the shop or office is shut. This is when your website is working for you.  With no website or online presence, you are giving your target audience to your competition.

For Online Sales

It is so common for people to purchase things online. We are hearing new stories all the time about how high streets are struggling. This is because we are all living busy lives. If we remember at 6am that we need to get our parents flowers for their anniversary it is easier to order them online, instead of worrying about remembering to order it later in the day when we are at work.

When you are getting ready for bed and suddenly realise you’re out of your favourite make-up or you need to book a hair appointment, you do it online. If a business website offers the chance to book an appointment online, or order your favourite make-up then that website is the one you will use, not the one that you have to call in during office hours.

Create Brand and Business Awareness

Getting your business and brand out there in the early days of your start-up business is important. Having a website full of photos of your offerings, blog posts that help the reader and good quality content, with a great design and layout are what will get your business and brand seen. The design, logo and colours used on your website can then be used on all your marketing materials such as business cards, flyers and social media accounts.

Seeing your branding in more than one place will help your target audience remember you. When you give someone your business card with your business name on, they will look for your website. If the logo and colours on the business card matches the website not only does the potential customer have faith that they have found the right website, but they get the impression you are a professional business.

Build Trust

We have all done it ourselves. We see a new shop on the high street, an advert of a new business on TV or a brand we don’t recognise on social media. We hop onto the internet to check out the start-up business and see what they are about. This is when your website starts working for you. Your ‘shop doors’ are open throughout the day and night, giving your target audience a chance to view your business and what you do.

If your start-up business has no website this can be extremely damaging. Suddenly your potential customers have a lack of trust in you. What if you are a company that advertises in Facebook, but then just scams people out of their money? Like we have said before, a website helps build that trust.

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That said, a start-up business with a poorly designed website can cause even more damage than a business with no website. Remember, people are going to your website to see who you are and what you do. They want to find out more about you. If your website is poorly designed, has empty pages, types throughout or broken links and random pages then people will get a bad impression of your business.

Worried A Website Is Too Expensive?

We get it. As a start-up business in the past, we know that money is tight when you are creating a start-up business. This can lead to the temptation of creating a website yourself or paying your neighbours nephew who studied marketing at school to design the website for you. It’s only normal that you want to spend as little as possible when you start your business.

However, websites really aren’t that expensive. If you don’t believe us ask about our monthly websites. That’s right! We charge a small amount at the beginning of the website design process then small amounts every month. This makes a fantastic new website affordable for a start-up business.


For all types of businesses and industries, websites have become expected. A website is seen as a crucial part of any business and if your business doesn’t have one then you are giving the impression you are not serious about your business and you could be ‘gone’ tomorrow once a customer has handed over there hard earned cash.

Could A Lack Of Website Leave With You A Lack Of Customers?

If your business does not have a website you are denying your target audience the service that your competition is offering them. This makes your business a weaker business and this will affect you in the early days. Not having a website is really bad for business and will severely limit your potentials. Is that really a wise idea when it can cost so little to have a website that will help get your business off the ground?

For the small cost of a website, you can gain unlimited potential. Contact our team of friendly and experienced web designers now to find out more.

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