What Makes a Good Website: 8 Key Elements

Every business wants a good website, but very few businesses know what makes a good website. Of course success means different things to different people, but a successful website is a similar thing for many businesses. It must have a good user experience for people that land on the website, it must attract visitors and it must convert these visitors into sales.

There are other things that business owners want from their website, but traffic, sales and a nice website for the visitor are the main goals.

In this blog post we look at the must haves of a good and successful website. Some of these things your website may already have, other things you might need to sort out, and lots of the things we can help with.

So, what makes a good website?

1. Modern Design

A good website must have a modern design and a professional look. In the world of the internet, the website is your shop front. Your website is what represents your business to your target audience. It is representing you and your business even as you sleep. It is essential that your website looks modern and professional in its design or that can be enough to put your potential client off.

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2. Good User Experience

Getting to a website that looks jumbled, confusing or messy can be enough to put a visitor off and send them to your competition instead. If a visitor to your website can not find what they are looking for quickly and easily they will leave your website. A confusing website will leave the visitor questioning your level of customer care, if it is so hard to purchase something from you.

It is essential that a good and successful website has a simple layout and is easy for a visitor to navigate their way around.

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3. Website Content

A one page website to represent a whole business is not good enough. You need to take your website to the next level. The more content on your website, the longer a visitor will stay on your website and the more likely they will be to purchase from you. Including content like how to guides and blog posts, as well as the standard pages on your website such as home, about us, services and such like. 

Each page on your website should be around 300 – 1,000 words in length. This gives the reader a full understanding of you and your business, but it’s also great for SEO.

Brilliant Digital Successful website CONTENT

4. Calls to Action

While it is great to have good quality, engaging and SEO friendly content, you need to tell the reader what to do next. This is what is known as a call to action and one is needed on every page. This could be asking the reader to download a free guide that will help them, call you now, get a free quote or place an order for example. Some call to action prompts lead to another page to take the visitor on a customer journey.

A call to action is basically something that tells the reader what to do next. When done right they can really improve your conversion rate.

Brilliant Digital Successful website CTA example Brilliant Digital web design peterborough
Brilliant Digital Successful website CTA example2 Brilliant Digital web design peterborough

5. The Trust Factor

In this online world people want to buy from businesses they trust and your website can really support this trust factor. Don’t hide behind your pages. Instead have photos of you and your team on the website. Have your office address and landline number on your website too. This helps people feel that you are a real and trustworthy business and they can get hold of you if something goes wrong. If you have industry membership badges or certificates then put these on the website too.

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They are something else that shows visitors to your website that you are real business and you can be trusted. Make sure your SSL certificate is up to date too. Nothing is more unnerving than a website that says.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials are great for the trust factor, but they also show just how brilliant you are at what you do. Think about having testimonials on your home page as this will often be the landing page for many visitors to your website. However if you have a lot of testimonials, a testimonials page can work really well. This lists all the happy clients you have helped.

The Disability Resource Centre testimonial
Brilliant Digital Web Design Peterborough Keshav Bhatt review
grity people testimonial

This can include testimonials from review sites, social media pages and testimonials that are emailed to you. If a potential client can see you have helped someone like them, they will be more inclined to purchase from you. If you sell to businesses then have their logos with the testimonial from them. Seeing a familiar logo is a great way to build trust and to start the relationship building process with a potential new client.

7. Payment Logos

If you are selling products through your website be clear about how you take payment. There is a fear of credit card fraud online so users of your website want to know they can pay on your website safely. Ease the minds of potential customers by showing payment options and logos so a visitor can see they can safely and easily pay through your website. This could include a Visa and Mastercard logo for example, but also a PayPal logo if you can take payments that way.

Paypal payment method
mastercard payment method
stripe payment method

8. Personalise It

We have spoken about photos already, and this is a great way to personalise your website and make you become a ‘real business’ that the visitor can engage with, but how else can you personalise your website? Use blog posts to talk about things you do in the community or for charities. You are what make your business different to all your competitors. 

Make it personal on your website so people want to buy from your business and have a relationship with your brand. We strongly believe that people buy people so the more your visitor can see you in photos, videos or content, the more likely they will choose to buy from you.

So now that you’ve seen what makes a good website, let me ask you: how good or successful is your website?
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