Blogging for Business? 7 Benefits You Need To Know

Keep being told that you need to blog for your business, but not sure what it is or what the benefits are? Then you’re in the right place and you’re certainly not alone either. In fact, 43% of business owners are reported saying that they don’t know what blogging is or are not actively blogging for their business.

However, 55% of businesses that are blogging are reportedly using it as their main inbound marketing strategy. These businesses are benefiting extremely well from doing so too.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is like an article on your website. It is like a compilation of thoughts, facts and expert opinions. A blog could be a how to guide or a document of tips and tricks. It’s a written piece of information that can be accessed on a website. Want an example? This, the words you are reading right now, is a blog post.

By blogging for your business you are attracting your target audience to your business, rather than going out to find potential customers. We feel this is one of the biggest benefits of blogging for your business. However, there are many more benefits of blogging for business owners. We have listed some of them below for you.

Please Note: there are hundreds of benefits of blogging for business owners. The list is almost endless. That is why we have shared just some of our favourite benefits for you.

By blogging for your business you are attracting your target audience to your business

What Blogging Can Achieve For Your Business

But, before we share the benefits with you – check out these stats!

  • Businesses that publish regular content on their websites, can see an increase website traffic by 8x more than businesses that do not.
  • Blogging has been proven to reduce the overall marketing spending of a business by more than 60%.
  • A business that blogs can expect to achieve around 3x more leads than businesses that do not blog regularly.

So, now you know what blogging can achieve for your business. Let’s look at some of the benefits of blogging for business owners.

What Blogging Can Achieve For Your Business

The Benefits Of Blogging For Business

1. Industry Expert

Your blog posts will portray you as an industry expert. Using the tone and voice of your business will help you stand out from the crowd. With every blog post that you publish on your website, you are building that trust with your audience. You are showing yourself as someone that knows what is going on in your industry. Each blog will help you become the go-to person in your industry.

2. Offer Value

Through blogging for your business you are adding value to your customer experience. Maybe they have purchased a product or service from you, but your blog posts help them gain more benefits from their purchase.

By blogging you are educating and informing. It’s not an advert where you are selling. Through your blog posts you are coming across as that helpful friend, not that pushy sales person. This will add a level of value to your customer experience that can not be matched by your competitors. In your blogs you are giving your potential customers something for free before they make a purchase. This free help in your blog posts will help create a loyal customer in the future.

3. SEO Boosting

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. The more SEO content on your website the higher you will rank on search engines, like Google. SEO is a long-term tactic to make sure that your business is visible on search engines for the terms you want to be found for.

Writing blog posts around the keywords your audience are typing into search engines is a great way to boost your SEO ranking through blogging. There is a lot of on-page and off-page work that goes into SEO, but blogging will help increase the SEO of your business, enabling you to rank higher on search engines.

The more SEO content on your website the higher you will rank on search engines

4. Marketing Funnel

Blog posts can be an excellent start to a marketing funnel. This will enable you to collect emails from potential customers that are interested in what you do and sell.

Creating a blog post full of really useful information with a part at the end that says “want to know more, sign up here” is a great way of bringing customers into the marketing funnel. This will allow you to share more great content with them to help build the relationship and trust. The more touchpoints you have with a potential customer, the more likely they are to convert. This will also allow you to send them promotions for your business too.

Blog posts can be an excellent start to a marketing funnel

5. Lead Conversions

There are three stages to capturing a customer for your business. These are the awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage.

Blogging can be extended across all these three stages and will support your business with each stage too.

For example, blog posts that share top tips will help customers in the awareness stage. If a customer is in the consideration stage then a ‘how to’ blog post could really help them with their decision.

Blog posts with testimonials or case studies will then help those customers that are at the decision stage. Blogging is a really important and effective part of lead conversions.

Blogging is a really important and effective part of lead conversions

6. Brand Awareness

Blogging for your business will help you gain exposure and visibility. While you may want to invest money into your operations and management systems, how will this help you get found by your target audience?

You need to blog to build awareness about your business. A blog post will be an answer to many questions from your audience. It will create value for your users and search engines will pick it up too. Visitors will come to your website through a blog for the information they want, but they will learn about your business while they are there too.

Blogging for your business will help you gain exposure and visibility

7. Feedback & Engagement

By allowing your audience to comment on your blog posts you can gain some great feedback on what your audience enjoys reading and want to know about. You will find that your audience will share stories about the products or services they have bought from you too.

Blogs can be written to be inviting for readers to want to comment, engage and leave feedback.

These are the 7 benefits of blogging for business owners. Do you think we have missed any? – and there you have your perfect example of encouraging that feedback.

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