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Well Dog Hydrotherapy

Well Dog Hydrotherapy collaborated with us to redesign their website, resulting in a visually appealing and informative online platform. With WordPress as the foundation and comprehensive training provided, Stacey can effectively showcase her expertise and connect with pet owners seeking quality care for their beloved dogs.



Stacey, the founder of Well Dog Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre in Peterborough, sought to revamp her existing website to better reflect the services offered at her centre. Collaborating with our team, Stacey envisioned a website that would effectively showcase her expertise in hydrotherapy and rehabilitation for dogs.

Website Design

In collaboration with Stacey, our mission was to revamp the online presence of Well Dog Hydrotherapy with a focus on aesthetic appeal and usability. The design phase resulted in a custom WordPress theme that reflects the unique qualities of Well Dog Hydrotherapy. Key elements include intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and detailed information to educate visitors on the advantages of canine hydrotherapy.

Website Development

The development process for Well Dog Hydrotherapy's website was centered around creating a seamless user experience on WordPress. We tailored the site to ensure easy access to vital information, integrating features that highlight the services offered and the positive impact of hydrotherapy on canine health. The outcome is a platform that not only looks great but also effectively communicates the value of Well Dog Hydrotherapy's services to pet owners.

Website Training

Upon the completion of the website redesign, we provided Stacey with comprehensive training to ensure she could effectively manage and update the website moving forward. This included guidance on content management, blog posting, and other essential tasks to empower Stacey to take full control of her online presence.


The redesigned website for Well Dog Hydrotherapy is now a powerful tool for Stacey to connect with pet owners seeking specialized care for their canine companions. Its user-friendly design and informative content help Stacey effectively communicate the benefits of hydrotherapy and rehabilitation services offered at her centre. With our training and ongoing support, Stacey is well-equipped to maintain an engaging and informative online presence for Well Dog Hydrotherapy.

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