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Needle Pro

Needle Pro's collaboration with us led to the creation of a new e-commerce website, featuring a modern design and enhanced functionality on WordPress. This upgrade boosts their online sales and customer engagement. With our training and support, Needle Pro is set to excel in the acupuncture supply market.



Needle Pro, the premier supplier of acupuncture needles in Australia, recognized the importance of an effective online presence to drive their business. Their existing website was outdated and slow, hindering their ability to showcase their products and facilitate online sales. Collaborating with our team, Needle Pro aimed to revamp their website to better serve their customers and enhance their e-commerce capabilities.

Website Design

Working closely with Needle Pro, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign process. Leveraging WordPress as the platform, we crafted a modern and responsive website design that aligns with Needle Pro's brand identity. The new website features improved navigation, faster loading times, and an intuitive layout to enhance the user experience.

Website Development

The development phase was focused on transforming the design into a fully functional website. We built an e-commerce website from the ground up, ensuring it was equipped with the necessary features to support Needle Pro's online sales. This included developing a platform that allows for seamless product browsing, selection, and purchase by customers.

E-commerce Website Build

A primary goal of the website overhaul was to significantly enhance Needle Pro's e-commerce capabilities. Rather than simply implementing e-commerce functionality, we developed an entirely new e-commerce website from the ground up. This dedicated platform allows customers to effortlessly explore, choose, and buy acupuncture needles and associated products. Designed with a streamlined checkout process and secure payment options, the website provides a smooth and secure shopping experience for all of Needle Pro's clients.

Website Training

Upon the completion of the website revamp, we provided Needle Pro with comprehensive training to ensure they could effectively manage and maintain their new website. This included guidance on adding products, managing orders, and leveraging e-commerce features to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.


The revamped website for Needle Pro represents a significant improvement in their online presence and e-commerce capabilities. With its modern design, improved performance, and robust e-commerce functionality, the website positions Needle Pro as the leading supplier of acupuncture needles in Australia. Our ongoing support and training empower Needle Pro to continue growing their online business and serving their customers effectively.

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