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My Autism Plan

My Autism Plan, an initiative offering online support for those living with autism, engaged our services to create a bespoke website, enhancing the accessibility of their support plans and courses through seamless integration with email marketing and providing essential website management training.



My Autism Plan is dedicated to providing accessible, empowering online support plans for individuals and families navigating the complexities of living with autism. With a commitment to making guidance and resources readily available, My Autism Plan offers instant, downloadable support plans and a transformational family-focused course, "Autism: Everything We Wish We'd Known," designed to empower users to take confident steps on their autism journey. To enhance their outreach and accessibility, My Autism Plan partnered with us to create a website that reflects their mission and makes their invaluable resources easily accessible.

Web Design

The website's design was conceived with the user's journey in mind, focusing on ease of navigation and accessibility. Recognizing the diverse needs of individuals seeking information on autism, we ensured the design was intuitive, with clear pathways to both the support plans and the comprehensive course. The use of calming colors and a structured layout reflects My Autism Plan's understanding and sensitivity towards the autism community. High-quality visuals and interactive elements were integrated to engage users and provide a supportive online environment.

Web Development

We developed the website using WordPress, allowing for a flexible and user-friendly platform that My Autism Plan can easily update and manage. The site was built to be fully responsive, ensuring that users have a seamless experience whether accessing it from a desktop or a mobile device. We prioritized the integration of clear, actionable calls-to-action, guiding users to the resources, courses, and support plans that best meet their needs.

Website Training

Upon completion of the website, we provided an hour of comprehensive training to the My Autism Plan team. This training equipped them with the knowledge to effectively manage the website, update content, and utilize the email marketing tools to engage with their community. Our goal was to ensure that the team feels confident in maintaining the site and using it as a dynamic tool in their mission to support families affected by autism.


The collaboration between My Autism Plan and our team has resulted in a website that stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for the autism community. With easy access to support plans, the "Autism: Everything We Wish We'd Known" course, and a wealth of resources, the site effectively breaks down barriers to support. This project underscores our dedication to creating web solutions that not only meet our clients' needs but also make a meaningful difference in the lives of their users.

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