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Lords, a prestigious family-run jewellery company in London, partnered with us to revamp their online presence with a new e-commerce website. Our comprehensive services—from custom design and WordPress development to e-commerce integration, training, and maintenance—have transformed their digital footprint, allowing Lords to showcase their bespoke pieces and engage with customers online, reflecting the luxury and exclusivity of their high street shop.


Lords Bespoke Jewellery Website Case Study

Lords, a distinguished family-run bespoke jewellery company situated in the heart of London, has long been celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and unique designs. Recognized for their high street shop's prestige, Lords sought to enhance their online presence to reflect the quality and exclusivity of their brand, as their existing website failed to adequately represent their esteemed reputation.

Website Design

Embarking on this transformative journey, our primary objective was to design a website that encapsulates the elegance and sophistication of Lords' jewellery. Our design strategy focused on high-resolution imagery, an elegant interface, and a seamless navigation structure to accentuate the uniqueness of each piece and the heritage of the Lords brand.

Website Development

By leveraging WordPress, we developed a bespoke website that not only showcases their exquisite pieces with clarity and flair but also offers an immersive user experience. Through meticulous coding and integration of essential features, we aimed to create a website that not only reflects the premium quality of Lords' jewellery but also encourages conversions and customer engagement.

E-Commerce Website Development

In order to expand Lords' retail reach beyond their physical store, we developed a robust e-commerce platform as part of the website. This custom-built e-commerce solution ensures a secure and user-friendly shopping experience, allowing customers to browse and purchase bespoke jewellery pieces online. With support for multiple payment options, the platform facilitates a seamless checkout process. Additionally, it equips Lords with the necessary tools to manage inventory, track orders, and analyze sales data effectively.

Website Training Session

Following the launch of the new website, we conducted a detailed training session for the Lords team. This training covered essential aspects of website management, including product listing updates, content modification, and order management. Empowering Lords with the knowledge to maintain their site ensures that their online presence remains vibrant and up-to-date, reflecting their latest collections and offerings.

Website Maintenance Package

Acknowledging the importance of a consistently high-performing website, Lords opted for our ongoing website maintenance package. This package guarantees that the website is always operational, secure, and updated with the latest web technologies, thereby providing a reliable online platform for both new and loyal customers. Our continuous support and maintenance efforts ensure that Lords' online presence remains as timeless and refined as their jewellery.


The collaboration between Lords and our team has significantly elevated their online presence, aligning it with the luxury and exclusivity of their brand. The new e-commerce website not only beautifully showcases Lords' bespoke jewellery but also offers an enhanced shopping experience for their clientele. Through bespoke design, e-commerce integration, personalized training, and ongoing maintenance, Lords is now poised to reach a wider audience, reinforcing their position as a leading bespoke jewellery company in London.

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