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Kloned, a London-based virtual assistants company specializing in personalized support, approached us to create a bespoke website that mirrors their commitment to business and lifestyle excellence.



Kloned, a London-based Virtual Assistants company, offers expert personalised business and lifestyle support for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking to maximize their efficiency and productivity. In partnership with Automated Business System, where we lend our expertise in Web Design and Digital Marketing Consultancy, Kloned sought to create an online platform that effectively communicates their comprehensive service offerings and unique value proposition.

Web Design

The website's design aimed to reflect Kloned's professionalism, efficiency, and the bespoke nature of their services. A clean, modern aesthetic was chosen to facilitate easy navigation and highlight the company’s wide range of services. The use of compelling imagery, strategic content placement, and a cohesive color scheme was intended to engage visitors immediately, conveying the brand’s commitment to quality and personalized support.

Web Development

We developed the Kloned website on WordPress, utilizing the latest tools to ensure a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform. The website was built to be fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across all devices and screen sizes. This approach ensures that Kloned’s prospective clients, whether busy entrepreneurs or businesses, can easily access and navigate the site. Emphasis was placed on SEO optimization and performance to enhance the site’s visibility and attract a broader audience.

Website Training

Upon completing the website, we provided an hour of comprehensive training to Kloned's team, empowering them with the knowledge to manage their website’s content effectively. This training covered essential aspects such as content updates, basic maintenance, and how to use the website as a tool for growth, ensuring the site remains an accurate reflection of their services and adapts to their evolving business needs.


The new website has significantly boosted Kloned’s online presence, showcasing their virtual assistant services to a wider audience while highlighting their partnership with Automated Business System. This project demonstrates our commitment to delivering tailored web solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, driving their digital success forward.

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