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Jo L'acqua

Jo L'acqua, renowned for its high-quality sterling silver jewellery, expanded its online footprint by partnering with us to develop an e-commerce website, moving beyond Amazon sales. Our end-to-end solution included custom design, WordPress development, e-commerce integration, personalized training, and a maintenance package, enabling Jo L'acqua to directly engage with customers and drive sales through their own sophisticated online platform.



Jo L'acqua, a distinguished jewellery brand known for its exquisite sterling silver pieces, sought to broaden its market reach beyond Amazon by establishing its own e-commerce platform. Aiming to enhance brand visibility and offer customers a direct purchasing channel, they partnered with us to create a bespoke online shop that reflects the elegance and quality of their products.

Website Design

The project began with a focus on designing a website that reflects the sophistication and premium nature of Jo L'acqua's jewellery. Our design phase emphasised creating a visually appealing platform that showcases the beauty and detail of the jewellery collection. Utilising elegant fonts, a carefully chosen colour scheme, and high-resolution images, we aimed to captivate visitors and provide them with an engaging browsing experience.

Website Development

Utilising WordPress for its flexibility and robustness, we embarked on the development of Jo L'acqua's website. Our development process focused on translating the design into a fully functional and user-friendly platform. We ensured seamless navigation and optimised performance to provide visitors with a smooth shopping experience. Through meticulous coding and integration of essential features, we aimed to create a website that not only reflects the premium quality of Jo L'acqua's jewellery but also encourages conversions and customer engagement.

E-Commerce Website Development

A pivotal aspect of this project involved the creation of a comprehensive e-commerce website that facilitates seamless browsing, selection, and purchasing processes. This bespoke platform supports a variety of payment methods, guaranteeing a smooth and secure transaction experience for customers. By transitioning from exclusively selling on other platforms like Amazon to owning and operating an independent e-commerce site, Jo L'acqua gains full control over its product listings, sales data, and direct engagement with its customer base.

Website Training Session

Following the website launch, we provided Jo L'acqua with an hour of detailed website training, covering everything from inventory management to order processing. This empowerment enables them to maintain their product catalog, update content as needed, and handle day-to-day operations, ensuring the website remains an accurate reflection of their brand and inventory.

Website Maintenance Package

Recognizing the importance of ongoing website functionality and security, Jo L'acqua opted for our website maintenance package. This service ensures the site remains up to date with the latest security patches and software updates, offering continuous technical support to handle any issues that may arise. This proactive approach guarantees that the e-commerce platform operates smoothly, maintaining the trust and satisfaction of Jo L'acqua's customers.


By transitioning from an Amazon-only sales approach to launching their own e-commerce website, Jo L'acqua has significantly enhanced its brand presence and sales potential. Our comprehensive service package, from bespoke design and development to post-launch training and maintenance, has equipped Jo L'acqua with a powerful tool to showcase and sell their beautiful sterling silver jewellery directly to consumers, marking a new era of growth and customer engagement for the brand.

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