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Goodsure, renowned for its specialized haulage underwriting services, partnered with us to develop a bespoke WordPress website, enhancing their online presence through strategic design, SEO optimization, and comprehensive maintenance and training support for sustained growth.



In the dynamic world of logistics and haulage, Goodsure stands out for its deep-rooted heritage in haulage underwriting and its commitment to delivering bespoke insurance solutions. Tasked with enhancing their digital footprint, our team was brought on board to design and develop a website that not only mirrors Goodsure's expertise and reputation but also serves as a pivotal tool for both their current and prospective clients in the logistics and haulage industries. Our comprehensive service package included website design, development in WordPress, personalized training, and ongoing website maintenance.

Website Design

Understanding the intricacies of Goodsure's services and their target clientele was paramount in crafting a website design that communicated reliability, professionalism, and industry authority. The design process focused on creating a user experience that would effortlessly guide visitors through Goodsure's insurance offerings, emphasizing their unique selling propositions such as compliance expertise, competitive pricing, and exclusive use of highly rated insurers. Aesthetically, we opted for a design that reflected Goodsure's industry leadership—sleek, corporate, and infused with elements that resonate with the logistics and haulage sectors.

Website Development

Leveraging the flexibility of WordPress, we built a site that is not only robust and scalable but also easy for the Goodsure team to manage. Our developers customized a responsive design to ensure optimal performance across all devices, acknowledging the mobile-first approach of today's web users. Special care was taken to optimize the site for search engines, improving visibility and driving targeted traffic. The back-end was structured to accommodate Goodsure's complex product offerings, enabling easy updates and adjustments to keep the site's content fresh and relevant.

Website Training

Upon completion of the website, we provided a detailed one-hour training session tailored to Goodsure's team. This training covered essential website management tasks, including content updates, product adjustments, and basic troubleshooting. Our aim was to equip their team with the confidence and know-how to maintain the website's efficacy, ensuring that it remains a vital asset in their marketing and client engagement efforts.

Website Maintenance Package

Recognizing the importance of a continuously operational and updated website, Goodsure opted for our website maintenance package post-launch. This ongoing service ensures that the website remains secure, up-to-date, and aligned with the latest web standards and SEO practices. Our maintenance package includes regular content updates, security checks, performance optimization, and technical support, providing Goodsure with peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their core business.


The newly launched Goodsure website is a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer service in the haulage insurance sector. With an intuitive design, seamless navigation, and comprehensive information on their tailored insurance solutions, the site effectively communicates Goodsure's value proposition to their target audience. Our holistic approach, from design and development to training and ongoing maintenance, ensures that Goodsure's digital presence is strong, secure, and strategically positioned for growth in the competitive insurance landscape.

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