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Floresco Training & Coaching

Established by Bev Thorogood in 2017, Floresco Training & Coaching offers vital support for women undergoing midlife transitions. Recognizing the need for a stronger online presence, Floresco enlisted our expertise to design a bespoke WordPress website, complete with email and newsletter integration, and bolstered by personalized website management training.



Floresco Training & Coaching, founded by Bev Thorogood in 2017, specializes in personal and group coaching aimed at supporting women navigating the challenges of midlife transition. Recognizing the need to extend her reach and enhance her digital presence, Bev sought our expertise to design and develop a website that would serve as a central platform for her services, resources, and the community she supports.

Website Design

The design process focused on creating a welcoming and inspiring online space that resonates with Floresco's target audience – women in their midlife. We aimed to reflect Floresco's ethos of empowerment, growth, and transformation through a visually appealing, intuitive, and accessible website design. The use of calming colors, inspiring imagery, and a clear, easy-to-navigate layout ensures visitors can effortlessly find information about coaching sessions, resources, and how to get involved with Floresco's community.

Website Development

Choosing WordPress for its versatility and user-friendly interface, we developed a website that not only looks great but is also robust and easy for Bev to manage. The site was built with the future in mind, allowing for easy updates, the addition of new content, and integration with social media. Ensuring the site was mobile-responsive was a priority, acknowledging that Bev's audience would likely access the site across various devices.

Website Training

Upon completion of the website, we provided Bev with an hour of comprehensive training, covering all aspects of website management, including content updates, newsletter dispatches, and basic maintenance. This empowerment ensures that Floresco can maintain an up-to-date and dynamic web presence, reflective of its evolving services and the needs of its audience.


The new website for Floresco Training & Coaching embodies the spirit of transformation and support that Bev Thorogood envisions for women in their midlife transition. Through a collaborative process, we delivered a platform that not only enhances Floresco's online visibility but also provides a valuable resource for women seeking guidance during a pivotal time in their lives. The added functionality for email and newsletter integration further supports Floresco's mission to build and nurture a community of empowered women.

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