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Flairlight, a leader in lighting solutions, collaborated with us to revitalize their online presence through a bespoke WordPress website. Our services encompassed design, development, e-commerce platform integration for product showcasing (without direct sales), personalized training, and a maintenance package, enabling Flairlight to effectively display their products and engage with customers while ensuring their website remains dynamic and secure.



Flairlight, a premier provider of innovative lighting solutions, sought to enhance their digital footprint and showcase their extensive product range online. Recognizing the need for a sophisticated platform that could accurately reflect their brand and facilitate product discovery without direct e-commerce sales, Flairlight chose our team to spearhead the redevelopment of their website.

Website Design

The first phase of our project focused on designing a website that captures Flairlight's dedication to excellence and innovation in the realm of lighting design. Our objective was to create a clean and contemporary layout that enhances user experience, reflecting Flairlight's position as a leader in the industry. The design strategy included the use of high-quality imagery and thorough product descriptions to give visitors a detailed understanding of what Flairlight offers, thereby mirroring the brand's commitment to quality and innovation.

Website Development

Following the design phase, we developed the website using WordPress, chosen for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. This development stage was dedicated to translating the design into a fully functional website that not only looks modern and inviting but also prioritizes the ease of navigation. The website features a responsive design to ensure optimal viewing across different devices, reinforcing Flairlight's industry-leading status by providing a seamless digital experience that showcases their products and services effectively.

Product Showcase E-Commerce Website Development

In response to Flairlight's specific need to exhibit their product range without facilitating direct online transactions, we constructed an e-commerce website tailored to their requirements. This platform enables comprehensive product displays, allowing visitors to explore Flairlight's entire catalog online. By facilitating direct inquiries for purchases or additional information, this approach remains consistent with Flairlight's emphasis on personalized customer service and consultation, aligning seamlessly with their business model.

Training Session

Upon completing the website, we conducted a one-hour training session with the Flairlight team. This session was tailored to equip them with the skills necessary to update and manage the website content, ensuring they could maintain the product catalog's accuracy and freshness. The training covered essential website management aspects, from adding new products and updating existing listings to basic troubleshooting.

Website Maintenance Package

To ensure the website's long-term performance and security, Flairlight opted for our website maintenance package post-launch. This comprehensive package includes regular updates, security checks, and technical support, allowing Flairlight to focus on their core business without worrying about website management. Our ongoing support guarantees that the website remains current, secure, and fully functional to serve both Flairlight and its customers effectively.


The newly revamped Flairlight website represents a significant step forward in the company's online presence, offering a sophisticated platform to showcase their cutting-edge lighting solutions. Our holistic approach, from custom design and development to strategic e-commerce integration and dedicated training and maintenance, has positioned Flairlight to better engage with their audience and strengthen their brand in the competitive lighting industry.

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