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Dr Scott Ling

Dr. Scott Ling, a leading Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, partnered with us to establish a strong online presence through a custom WordPress website. Our comprehensive service included website development, personalized training, and an ongoing maintenance package, equipping Dr. Ling with a dynamic platform to showcase his services and engage with clients effectively.



Dr. Scott Ling, based in Melbourne, Australia, stands out as one of the country's leading Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. With a vision to solidify his online presence and reach a broader audience, Dr. Ling sought our expertise to create a custom-designed website that reflects his expertise and the essence of his practice.

Website Development

Our team embarked on developing a WordPress website for Dr. Ling, prioritizing ease of navigation, aesthetic appeal, and functionality to cater to his specific needs. The platform we created serves as a comprehensive digital brochure, detailing Dr. Ling's services, qualifications, and the unique benefits of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Through WordPress, we ensured that the website is not only user-friendly but also scalable and easy to update with new content, testimonials, and services.

Training Session

Following the launch of the website, we provided Dr. Ling with an hour of detailed training, equipping him with the knowledge to manage his website's content efficiently. This training covered basic website management skills, including how to update text and images, publish new articles, and maintain the site's health, ensuring Dr. Ling could actively participate in his website's growth and evolution.

Website Maintenance Package

To guarantee the ongoing performance and security of the website, Dr. Ling opted for our website maintenance package. This service ensures his website remains up-to-date with the latest WordPress updates, security patches, and technical improvements. Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping the site secure, fast, and reliable for users, and our package offers Dr. Ling peace of mind, allowing him to focus on his practice without worrying about his website's technical aspects.


Dr. Scott Ling's new website has become a pivotal tool in enhancing his online visibility, showcasing his expertise, and attracting new clients. Our collaboration delivered a tailored digital solution that not only met but exceeded Dr. Ling's expectations, providing him with a robust platform to grow his practice and solidify his presence in the competitive field of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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