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Community Inclusion Awards

The Community Inclusion Awards, an esteemed event in Peterborough, celebrates significant contributions to equality, diversity, and inclusion. We developed a bespoke WordPress website with WooCommerce integration for ticket sales and provided detailed training, enhancing their digital presence and facilitating event management.



The Community Inclusion Awards, a distinguished event in Peterborough, celebrates significant contributions towards fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion within the community. Seeking to enhance their digital footprint and simplify event management, the awards committee engaged our services for website design, development, and e-commerce integration.

Website Design

Our design goal was to mirror the Community Inclusion Awards' essence and prestige through the website. We aimed for an elegant, accessible, and informative design, offering a holistic view of the awards, categories, nominees, and their societal impact. The website features an appealing aesthetic and a user-friendly layout, ensuring easy navigation across its various sections.

Website Development

WordPress was selected for its versatility and user-friendly nature, serving as the website's backbone. This choice allowed us to customize a solution catering to the awards' unique requirements, such as dynamic content updates, showcasing nominees and winners, and broadcasting event news. We prioritized a responsive design to ensure an optimal viewing experience across all devices.

E-commerce Integration

We integrated WooCommerce for ticket sales to the gala dinner and ceremony, providing a seamless and secure purchasing process. This setup was tailored to the Community Inclusion Awards' website design and branding, offering a consistent and intuitive buying experience.

Website Training

Upon completion of the website, we provided the awards committee with an hour of detailed website training. This training covered essential aspects of managing the website and the WooCommerce platform, including updating event details, managing ticket sales, and processing orders. Equipping the team with these skills was crucial for the ongoing success of the event and its digital presence.


Our collaboration with the Community Inclusion Awards resulted in a sophisticated and functional website that not only serves as the digital face of the event but also streamlines the management and sale of tickets. The new online platform has enhanced the visibility of the awards, making it easier for the community to participate in celebrating the outstanding contributions to equality, diversity, and inclusion in Peterborough.

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