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Brookfields Consultancy

Meggan partnered with us to redesign her website, resulting in a modern and engaging online platform for Brookfields Consultancy. With WordPress as the foundation and integrated email functionality, Meggan can effectively showcase her services and communicate with her audience. Ongoing maintenance and comprehensive training ensure that the website remains a valuable asset in Meggan's consultancy efforts.



Meggan, the founder of Brookfields Consultancy, embarked on a mission to assist small to medium businesses in navigating the complexities of achieving ISO Certification. While having an existing website, Meggan recognized the need for a redesign to better showcase her business and services. Collaborating with our team, she aimed to create a fresh and engaging online platform that accurately represents Brookfields Consultancy's expertise and offerings.

Website Design

In partnership with Meggan, our goal was to revitalize Brookfields Consultancy's online presence with a redesign that underscores professionalism and clarity. The design process was meticulous, focusing on creating a modern and accessible interface. This approach ensures that every visitor can quickly grasp the essence of the services and the unique value Brookfields Consultancy brings to the table, facilitating a deeper engagement with the site's content.

Website Development

For the development phase, we chose WordPress for its robust capabilities and ease of use, allowing us to bring the new design to life with functionality that matches its aesthetic appeal. A key feature of this development was the integration of a content management system (CMS), streamlining the process for Meggan to manage and publish blog posts. This feature empowers Brookfields Consultancy to continuously share insightful and valuable resources with their audience, enriching their online experience and fostering a community of informed clients.

Email Integration and Newsletter

To enhance communication with clients and prospects, we integrated email functionality and newsletter sign-up forms into the website. This enables Meggan to maintain regular contact with her audience, share updates, and provide valuable resources related to ISO Certification and business consultancy.

Website Maintenance and Training

Following the website launch, Meggan opted to continue working with us for ongoing website maintenance, ensuring that her online platform remains secure, up-to-date, and functional. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training to Meggan, empowering her to manage and update the website independently. This included guidance on content management, email marketing, and other essential tasks to maximize the website's effectiveness.


The redesigned website for Brookfields Consultancy serves as a valuable asset in Meggan's efforts to support businesses in achieving ISO Certification. Its modern design, user-friendly interface, and integrated email functionality position Brookfields Consultancy as a trusted partner for businesses seeking consultancy services. With ongoing maintenance and training provided, Meggan is well-equipped to engage her audience effectively and drive business growth.

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