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Between Head & Heart

Between Head and Heart, under the guidance of Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington, now boasts a custom-designed WordPress website equipped with email and newsletter integration, CMS for blog content, and essential website management training, all aimed at enhancing audience engagement and promoting her unique voice and public speaking methodology.



Between Head and Heart is a distinctive brand founded by Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington, dedicated to empowering individuals through enhancing their voice, boosting public speaking confidence, and fostering body-voice-mind awareness. Recognizing the need to extend her transformative methodologies to a wider audience, Ekaterina engaged our services to create a digital platform that reflects the essence of her brand and connects with her audience effectively.

Website Design

Our collaboration with Between Head and Heart began with the creation of a bespoke website design, meticulously tailored to embody the unique ethos of the brand. The design phase was centered on crafting a visually captivating and intuitive user interface, aimed at providing an engaging and seamless user experience.

Website Development

For the development aspect, we selected WordPress as our platform of choice. This decision was made to ensure that the website would not only be aesthetically appealing but also robust, scalable, and user-friendly. This choice allows visitors to effortlessly navigate through the site, exploring Ekaterina’s methodologies and offerings with ease.

Email and Newsletter Integration

To foster ongoing engagement and maintain a continuous dialogue with her audience, we integrated email sign-up and newsletter functionalities into the website. This integration allows Ekaterina to disseminate valuable insights, updates, and tips directly to her subscribers, enriching their journey towards personal and professional growth in public speaking and self-awareness.

Content Management and Blogging Capability

Understanding the importance of content in engaging and educating her audience, we equipped the website with a Content Management System (CMS) that enables easy uploading and management of blog posts. This feature empowers Ekaterina to share her expertise, experiences, and success stories, thereby establishing a deeper connection with her audience and reinforcing her position as a thought leader in her field.

Comprehensive Website Training

To ensure that Ekaterina and her team can fully leverage the website’s features and functionalities, we concluded our project with an hour of detailed website training. This session covered various aspects of site management, including how to update content, manage blog posts, and utilize the email newsletter feature effectively, ensuring the website remains a vibrant and resourceful platform for her audience.


The partnership with Between Head and Heart has successfully resulted in a bespoke website that not only beautifully represents Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington’s brand but also serves as a powerful tool for engaging with her audience. Through the integrated email and newsletter system, enhanced CMS for blog postings, and comprehensive training provided, the website is poised to significantly contribute to the growth and reach of Between Head and Heart.

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