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Australian Academy of Modelling

For the Australian Academy of Modelling, a pioneer in professional modelling training since 2013, we delivered a bespoke WordPress website, designed to captivate and educate aspiring models about the Academy's transformative courses, while also equipping the Academy's team with the skills to manage their vibrant online platform.



The Australian Academy of Modelling, established in 2013, stands as a beacon for aspiring models, offering them a structured path to transform their potential into a professional career within the competitive modelling industry. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence in reaching and educating potential models, the Academy sought our expertise to design and develop a website that would not only inform visitors about their comprehensive modelling courses but also facilitate the beginning of successful modelling careers for their graduates.

Website Design

Our design strategy for the Australian Academy of Modelling's website was focused on elegance and ease of navigation, mirroring the professionalism and aesthetic appeal of the modelling world. We aimed to create a visually striking online platform that effectively showcases the range of courses offered, highlights success stories of past graduates, and provides an insightful glimpse into the modelling industry. The design integrates high-quality imagery and videos, reflecting the Academy's commitment to excellence and the dynamic nature of modelling.

Website Development

Built on WordPress, the website offers robust functionality wrapped in an attractive design. WordPress was chosen for its flexibility, user-friendly content management capabilities, and vast plugin ecosystem, allowing for a customised approach to meet the specific needs of the Academy. Key features of the website include detailed course descriptions, an online application form for prospective students, and a blog to share industry news, tips, and success stories. These elements work together to create an engaging and informative experience for visitors.

Website Training

Upon completion of the website, we provided an hour of comprehensive training to the Academy's staff, ensuring they are fully equipped to manage and update the website. This training covered essential aspects of WordPress management, including adding new content, updating course information, and maintaining the blog, empowering the Academy to keep their digital presence fresh and relevant.


The new website for the Australian Academy of Modelling serves as a pivotal tool in their mission to educate and launch the careers of aspiring models. It not only provides a comprehensive resource for those interested in the modelling profession but also showcases the Academy as a leader in modelling education. Through this project, we have enabled the Australian Academy of Modelling to extend their reach, attract new students, and maintain an engaging online presence that reflects their status in the industry.

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