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Al Timber

Al Timber Ltd, from Chatteris, UK, known for their premium log cabins, garden offices, and other wooden structures, engaged our services to create a bespoke e-commerce website, moving beyond the initial plan for WooCommerce integration to enhance their online sales capabilities.



Al Timber Ltd, located in Chatteris, UK, is celebrated for its wide array of superior log cabins, garden offices, wooden garages, carports, and garden saunas. Aiming to broaden their market presence and make the purchasing journey more efficient for their clientele, Al Timber Ltd engaged our services to create a dynamic and user-friendly e-commerce website.

Web Design

The website’s design reflects the elegance and resilience of Al Timber Ltd’s wooden products. Emphasizing clean aesthetics, earthy colors, and straightforward navigation, the design encourages users to explore the diverse product offerings comfortably. High-definition photos highlight the craftsmanship in each product, while the website’s structure is engineered to facilitate a seamless progression from product discovery to checkout.

Web Development

Our development team utilized WordPress for its adaptability and user-friendliness, tailoring the website to meet Al Timber Ltd’s specific needs for a robust and scalable online presence. Essential features implemented include detailed product listings, an enlightening blog, and a customer FAQ section, enhancing the decision-making process for potential buyers.

E-commerce Website Build

Contrary to initial plans for WooCommerce integration, we developed a comprehensive e-commerce platform for Al Timber Ltd. This bespoke solution enables efficient management of online inventory, order tracking, and secure payment processing directly within the site. The e-commerce functionality was specifically designed to support the sale of large, customizable items, characteristic of Al Timber Ltd’s inventory.

Website Training

At the conclusion of the project, we provided an hour of website training to the Al Timber Ltd team. This session covered essential skills for managing the website and eCommerce platform, including adding new products, updating content, and handling customer orders. Our aim was to empower the Al Timber Ltd team to maintain and update their site independently, ensuring long-term success.


Our partnership with Al Timber Ltd has culminated in a bespoke e-commerce website that not only effectively exhibits their range of wooden structures but also streamlines the sales process for the company and its clients. This initiative has significantly enhanced their online footprint, allowing them to connect with a broader audience and provide a smooth shopping experience. This project underscores our dedication to offering complete web solutions that foster business growth and operational efficiency.

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