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3 Ways To Show Your Business On Google

Are you looking for ways to show your business on Google? If so, you're in luck! There are a number of different ways business owners can showcase their businesses on the world's largest search engine. In this article, we'll discuss three of those ways: Google Ads, Google Business Profile, and organic results. We'll also touch on why your business may not be appearing on Google search results pages, and what you can do about it.

Google Ads

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The first way to show your business on Google is by using Google Ads.

Google Ads is an advertising tool that allows businesses to place ads on Google and its partner websites. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad, making it a cost-effective way to reach potential customers.

Google Ads can be used to target potential customers based on their location, keywords they have used, or the type of device they are using. Additionally, businesses can use Google Ads to create remarketing lists, which allow them to target ads to people who have already visited their website.

By using Google Ads, people can showcase their business right at the top of the search results, so that's the first thing people will see when searching for a specific keyword.

If you're looking to increase your website traffic through Google Ads, we can help. With our google ads management service, we can help you create, manage and optimise your Google Ads campaigns so that you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

The second way of showcasing your business on Google and Google Maps is by using a Google Business Profile.

Formerly known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile is a free listing service provided by Google. By creating and verifying your Business Profile, you can make your business more visible on Google Search and Maps. Your profile can include important information about your business, such as your hours of operation, website, physical address, phone number, and photos.

Learn more about Google Business Profile for small business owners

Additionally, customers can leave reviews on your Google Business Profile, which can help improve your visibility and reputation.

As an example, check out our.  Google Business Profiles:

This is something people often overlook or forget about it. However, it's very important to have a Google Business Profile, so you can show your business on Google Maps. In fact, whenever someone is searching for something on Google, the order of the results is as follows:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Map with local businesses
  3. Organic results/websites
  4. More ads

As you can see, based on this order, people looking for services like yours online will see the google map first, before seeing the rest of the organic search results.

Plus it will also help your business be shown for other keywords like: web designer near me, electrician near me, builder near me, etc..

Organic Results Through Your Website

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The third way to show your business on Google is through organic results on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Organic results are the listings that appear on SERPs as a result of someone searching for a specific keyword or phrase. These listings are not paid for, and they appear based on their relevance to the user's search query.

In order to rank higher in organic results, businesses need to optimise their websites for SEO. This includes adding keywords and phrases to their website content, as well as making sure their website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

One thing to understand about SEO, is the fact that - it's NOT your website that ranks in Google as a whole, BUT each individual page, based on its overall theme. So what that means is that it's always better, for example, to create multiple pages for each individual service and talk about them in more detail compared to just having one service page and briefly listing everything.

Additionally, service / local businesses should consider creating location pages on their website, as they tend to rank higher for a specific keyword.

Location pages are an important part of SEO. They help search engines understand where your business is located and how it is relevant to searchers in that area.

Creating strong location pages can help you earn higher rankings in local search results, driving more traffic to your website and ultimately leading to more customers.

Why isn't my business appearing on Google?

There are a few reasons why your business may not be appearing on Google search results pages.

  • If you have a new website or a new business, it can take some time for your website to be indexed by Google. This means that your site may not appear in search results until Google has crawled and indexed your pages.
  • Additionally, if you have not created a Google Business Profile or if your profile is not verified, your business will not appear on Google Maps
  • Finally, if you have not optimised your website for SEO, your website may not rank high enough in organic results to appear on the first page of SERPs.

If you need help increasing your website traffic or improving your SEO, contact our team of experts today! We can help you get more customers and grow your business.

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